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Personal Profile:


I’m a positive, proactive and driven person. Inherently I’m an extrovert and therefore have the ability to adapt to work well within a team. As a father I have to provide for my family and thus I’m driven to be an honest hardworking, reliable, committed and punctual person. I believe in overcoming challenges in the working environment and need only the opportunity to prove myself.



Date of Birth:                     3 May 1987

Nationality:                         Namibian

Languages:                         English, Afrikaans & Damara

Criminal Offences:          None

State of Health:                 Excellent

Gender:                               Male

Postal Address:                 P. O. Box 22953, Windhoek, Namibia,9999

Resident Address:           Erf 780 Washington Street, Otjomuise Ext:3, Windhoek

Contact Details: Home tell: +264 61 264513  Cell: +264 813033175 & +264811668415

Email: enrico.gonteb1@gmail.com & bluenoteinvestmentscc@gmail.com



Ella du Plessis High School – December 2006 (Grade 10 & 12 Certificates)


·         English

·         History

·         Geography

·         Business Management

·         Development studies

·         Biology









·         Leadership and Development – January 2007

·         Sea Familiarization Course – May 2007

·         Helicopter Underwater Escape Training –May 2007/October 2012/October 2013/ November2015

·         Marine Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention – May 2007/ March 2012/March 2016

·         First Aid at Sea – May 2007/ March 2013

·         Scaffolding – May 2008

·         Business Skills Development Course – August 2008

·         A2- Safety Risk Management Process Course- September 2010

·         Safety at Height (Working at Height)- March 2010/November 2012– May 2014

·         Fast Rescue Craft(Rescue Boat)- June 2011/June 2015

·         Lifting Tackle Inspection Course- June 2011

·         Proficiency In Survival Craft- October 2011/August 2015

·         Helicopter Landing Officer- October 2011/ September 2014

·         Operate A Ships Crane(Code C45/ Winch 6ton)- April 2011/August 2012/September 2014

·         Helideck Fire Fighting- October 2011/ September 2014

·         Self Worth Course- 2012

·         Personal Safety And Social Responsibility- March 2012/August 2015

·         Personal Survival Techniques- March 2012/May 2014/August 2015

·         Pipe Crane (10ton) – August 2012/ September 2014

·         Banksman (For Crane Operations)- August 2012

·         Able Seaman – March 2013

·         Steering and Look Out For Ratings(For Ships)-February 2013

·         HOCCP Level 1 – February  2013

·         Designated Security Duties – May 2014

·         Applying She Principles & Procedure – May 2014

·         IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations– October 2014




1.       Publicity Media Holdings (Pty) Ltd (May 2005 – September 2006)

General Office Assistant (Part-time)



·         Filing

·         Maintenance of Printers and Photocopy Machines

·         Delivered and collected mail +correspondence to and from clients

·         Assisted with general office and reception work (answering phones, send and receive faxes, making photocopies etc.)

·         Performed any other duties assigned by the Office Manager

Reason for leaving: Took up full-time employment with De Beers Marine, Namibia






2.       CLUB MASQUERADE (May 2008 – January 2009)

Barman/ Cashier



·         Worked as Barman behind the bar

·         Controlled the cash machine behind the bar

·         Handled stock counting and balancing

·         Ensured that customer received correct drinks

·         Maintained good customer service at all times

·         Carried out any task assigned by the Club Manager

·         Made sure that everything was under control

Reason for leaving: I worked at Masquerade, during the times that I was off sea from de beers, but Masquerade also closed its business.









3.       De Beers Marine, Namibia (June 2007 – March 2009)

Plant Hand – Production Operations (Fulltime)


·         Perform pre-start checks for abnormalities on equipment and assist Process Operator by physically checking whether plant is functioning after starting & stopping of treatment plants

·         Keep Process Operator informed on physical condition of the operational treatment plant, through continuous audiovisual inspections of various pieces of equipment for anomalies.

·         Execute cleaning & maintenance functions in the plant as instructed by either the MPS or Process Controller or Process Operator.

·         In response to instructions From P C or P O , implement appropriate action to the occurrence of critical parameter anomalies in the plant, & provide feedback on the status of the situation.

·         Assist P O in conducting  scheduled efficiency test, as directed by P C , on the various section of the plant , & record the relevant equipment  measurements as require by test procedures

·         Ensure efficient operation of the plant by inspecting , replacing & adding of plant consumable.

·         Assume the duties of Process Operator as and when reasonably required.

·         Guide & assist new plant hands on the correct safe practices ,upon them being instructed to assist in the plant.

·         Implement new knowledge/ information by keeping abreast of developments.

·         Adheres to Company policies and procedure relating to health, safety, security and environmental issues.

Reason for leaving: due to the global financial crisis, I was retrenched



4.       Debmarine Namibia (August 2009  – March2016 )

Deck Rating/ Able Seaman (Temp-Fulltime)


·         Perform Helmsman or Lookout duties

·         Performing Mooring & berthing duties as directed

·         Performing flight deck duties when helicopter operations are conducted & stand by with fire-fighting and ancillary equipment for possible emergencies.

·         Preparing & lifeboats/ rescue boats by using davits, derricks or cranes as directed.

·         Operating cranes & derricks for the loading & discharging of stores & equipment.

·         Performing rescue boats operating search and rescue.

·         Performing Fire fighting duties as is part of our job (Fire first attack team)

·         Rescue Personal working at height in case of emergencies.

·         Operating machinery/ equipment in emergency situations

·         Rigging of heavy machinery

·         Assisting Deck Officer on watch by checking or operating equipment/ machinery as required.

·         Assist on mining system with the running/ retrieval of drill string/riser and operating mining system handling & associated equipment as directed.

·         Securing the vessel for sea by battening down hatches, storm doors and securing equipment and stress as directed.

·         Performing in-port duties by tending mooring lines and conducting rounds.

·         Using hand tools to assist with ship’s repairs and maintenance.

·         Adheres to and promotes company policies and procedures relating to health, safety, security and environmental issues.


Reason for leaving: Got promoted to a Storeman

5.        Debmarine Namibia (April 2016  – Present  )

Storeman – Operations (Fulltime)



Receipt of goods

·         Receives materials, checks against documentation received & completes the required transactions on computer system (Sap), includes goods received from Port Nolloth, other vessels, capital store, as well as repairs.

·         Receive all return-to-stock items and reconciles these against original issues

Storage of goods

·         Determines & maintains appropriate bin locations.

·         Preserves, vacuum packs, seals, bags and label items & bins in correct bin locations & order.

·         Maintain a neat, clean and safe working area as per the NOSA sea-safety/ ISO 14001 standard.

Issuing of goods

·         Runs the overdue reservations list on daily basis & determines issuing requirements from the maintenance Planner or end users on (SAP).

·         Issue stock items (if engineering spares validates against job card), completes issue documentation on computer system (SAP) & obtain acknowledgement of receipt.

·         Issue non-stock items by; 1. Determining the planned maintenance order number or cost collector as well as the user; 2. If engineering spares, notify the maintenance planner.

·         Advising the user to collect goods and obtaining acknowledgement of receipt.

·         Picking stock items

Return of goods (Stock items)

·         Return incorrect or over-supplied items by ensuring item are correctly packed, marked and accompanied by relevant documentation.

·         Transfers obsolete stock items to the obsolete store ensuring that the items have been correctly authorized and values reduced and are correctly packed, marked and accompanied by relevant documentation.

Return of goods (Non-stock items)

·         Completes goods return to vendor documentation, ensuring items are packed and marked.

·         Obtains planned maintenance order (PMO) label from maintenance planner, attaches to items ensuring items are correctly packed, marked and accompanied by relevant documentation.

·         Releases PMO from PM tracking system when items leave vessel.


·         Perform stock counts in accordance with procedures and plan determined by vessel Materials Controller.







·         I am very hardworking, honest and loyal

·         I like to learn new things and explore new ideas

·         I am a team player and enjoy working with culturally diverse people

·         I am disciplined and like to see myself completing my education and having my own business

·         I have a very good personality and enjoying interacting with people

·         Soccer, Dancing and enjoy driving cranes & rescue boats

·         Fixing broken electronic, electrical and wooden equipment

·         Composing music (Music Production)

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