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Education – We’re here for you!

All those working in the Education sector are under a huge amount of strain and pressure during lockdown 3. Adjusting to new ways of doing things, with very little guidance on how, as well as little technological support. This, for many, is a brand new way of teaching. There are bound to be hiccups and […]

Let’s look for the positives

2021, 11 days in, almost half way through the month already. Hasn’t been great so far has it?! January is cold, dark and miserable enough in its own right so Lockdown 3.0 could easily leave us all feeling overwhelmed and pretty fed up. I’m lucky enough to have great work colleagues who all look out […]

Unskilled jobs need Professional People

Unskilled jobs need Professional People This week we have received the news we have all been waiting for! Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine has received MHRA approval, paving the way for mass vaccination. Life returning to a semblance of normality is on the horizon. We will be back in the bars and restaurants we love and enjoying […]

Working from Home (WFH) – it’s a no from me….

Working from Home (WFH) – it’s a no from me…. Can most of us work at home? Yes, of course we can. We can set up a workspace, make phone calls, send emails and use whatever programs we need to remotely. By doing so we can carry out our duties as described within our job […]